Paolo Sorrentino will open the film festival «Message to man» in St. Petersburg

© AFP 2018 / CLEMENS BILAN Italian filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino. Archival photoPaolo Sorrentino will open the film festival «Message to man» in St. Petersburg© AFP 2018 / CLEMENS BILAN

Italian Director Paolo Sorrentino on Saturday to take part in the opening of the XXVIII international film festival «Message to man» in St. Petersburg, where a day later presents his new film «loro».

«Fifteenth of September, Paolo Sorrentino will participate in the opening ceremony of the film festival «Message to man». After the welcoming speech of the Director on a huge screen, located at the Hermitage, will be shown the film «the Youth» with Michael Caine in the title role… on September 16 in the framework of the «Hyper-real Cinema» Paolo Sorrentino will present the guests of the festival «Message to man» his new film «loro»… the people of St. Petersburg will have the opportunity to watch «loro» for a month before the release in cinemas in Russia», — the organizers.

New film Sorrentino, the world premiere of which took place in April 2018 at the Cannes film festival, tells the story of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. The main role is played by the actor Tony Servillo, known for the films Sorrentino «the Great beauty» and «Amazing».

Also in the framework of the festival French actress Fanny Ardan 20 September will present a documentary film Tom Wolfe «Maria To Callas». Ardant will participate in the closing ceremony of «Message to man», handing out awards to the winners.

In the year 2018 to participate in the competition of the film festival «Message to man» their films sent to the Directors of 98 countries. The highest number of applications were France, USA, Germany, Spain and the UK. In the competitive program included 74 of the film, including 10 world premieres, 3 international and more than 30 Russian.

In Saint Petersburg the film festival «Message to man», organized with the support of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation and the city government, will be held on 11 platforms. Part of the competition program of the festival, which will end on 22 September, as well as special programs and meetings will be held in Moscow.