Raised resguardar hands on the man pleaded not guilty

© SK Hstop-frame video where the man is an employee of Regardie in the hands of the lobby of the station SukharevskayaRaised resguardar hands on the man pleaded not guilty© RF IC

The man raised a «joke» at the hands of rogatica in the Metropolitan, did not plead guilty, he stated to the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Today in petty-bourgeois court of Moscow should pass the preliminary hearings on the case. They will find out the date of consideration of the case on the merits.

«I do not admit my guilt. I picked up a law enforcement officer because he thought that it was my friend. I thought you were someone else,» said the accused islyam of Fry.

As reported by the media, the Fry may 6 at the metro station «Sukharevskaya» came to an employee of Regardie, lifted him and carried several meters «as a joke».

Concerning the young man criminal case. He is accused of the application against police violence, not dangerous for life and health.

Investigators believe that the man intentionally wanted to obstruct the work of the employee who, stressed the representative of the Department, were in uniform and is a representative of the government, reported RIA Novosti senior assistant head of GSSC of Russia in Moscow Julia Ivanova.

Previously commented on the situation adviser to the Director of Regardie Alexander Khinshtein. He stated that refers to a situation negatively, noting that in this way the accused «showed disrespect to the authorities». Hinstein has concluded that the young man must answer for his actions.

Raised resguardar hands on the man pleaded not guilty