Rescuers made recommendations in case of new kimwipes in Armyansk

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura in fotobanka closed joint-stock company Crimea Titan. Archival photoRescuers made recommendations in case of new kimwipes in Armyansk© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura the image Bank

The Crimean Department of the emergency situations Ministry issued a number of recommendations for residents of the city of Armyansk in the North of the Peninsula in the event of occurrence of an unpleasant acrid smell in the air and sore throat.

Experts of the Crimean CPS 14 Sep registered a new emission concentrations of harmful substances in the atmosphere in the North of the Crimea. On the territory of Armyansk and the surrounding villages entered emergency mode, which will allow you to use the reserve Fund for liquidation of consequences of the release. On assurance of experts, threats to the life and health of the population there.

«In case of occurrence of an unpleasant acrid smell in the air, sore throat and other (signs — ed.) to the population recommended: found on the streets and transport to take measures for the protection of the respiratory organs — shut the nose and mouth with a wet cotton-gauze bandage (folded in several layers of cloth)», — stated in the message Department.

In addition, it is also recommended that the internal sealing areas: close doors, Windows (primarily upwind); limit exposure to open air outdoors, to provide the maximum possible protection of the skin and head.

Rescuers also recommended that hygiene procedures be carried out using plenty of running water and shut off the supply of forced ventilation in motor vehicles, industrial, public and residential buildings.

In the North of Crimea since the end of August was already somewhat in excess of the concentration of jimmyproof into the atmosphere. The reason was the evaporation of kilocalories chemical plant «Crimean Titan», which is located near the city of Armyansk and the number of villages. The authorities decided September 4, for precautionary measures, to declare school holidays and all children of preschool and school age to send for rehabilitation in a sanatorium. Chemical plant «Crimean Titan» was completely shut down for modernisation. The region returned to natural background 7 Sep. This contributed mainly to the decrease in air temperature and precipitation, which reduced the evaporation of kilocalories. In addition, we began the neutralization of the floating sections of kilocalories using lime mortar.

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