Russian Museum opens in Spain exhibitions of works of Malevich and Burliuk

© RIA Novosti / Elena Chesterinoaussie Museum in Malaga. Spain. Archival photoRussian Museum opens in Spain exhibitions of works of Malevich and Burliuk© RIA Novosti / Elena Shesternina

In the branch of the State Russian Museum in Malaga on Saturday will open two exhibitions there will be presented works of Kazimir Malevich and Burliuk.

«At the exhibition of works by Kazimir Malevich will be presented about 50 works of the master, revealing his creative career: from the early work of the artist to world-famous works of Suprematism, which became a classic. Among them, the «Red square», «Suprematism Number 56», «Jumping red cavalry», «Athletes», «Complicated premonition (Torso in a yellow shirt»), «Self» and other», — stated in the message of the Russian Museum.

The exhibition will complement the costumes, created based on sketches by Malevich for the reconstructed Opera–mystery «Victory over the sun», the death mask of the artist, taken by Nicholas Sechinym, and a cast of the hand of the painter.

«Kazimir Malevich’s most famous and fearless exponent of the Russian avant-garde. His work is a universe, unique, complex and brilliant in its uniqueness. Artist, theorist, and teacher, he «blew up» the art world for his «Suprematism», becoming one of the pioneers of abstract art in 1910-ies. But he is also the author of the mysterious and capacious meaning «second peasant cycle», created in the late 1920-ies –1930-ies. Exhibition in Malaga is unique in that represents a variety of facets of talent Malevich throughout his creative life»,- noted the organizers.

On the same day in Malaga, will open the exhibition of works by David Burliuk, who is known as the «father» of the Russian avant-garde.

«The exhibition presents different facets of the talent of David Burliuk, the evolution of his work in later years. In 1920, the artist left Russia and lived in Japan, and in 1922 moved to the USA, where it stays until the end of his days without changing missionary ideas and traditions of Russian avant-garde», — stated in the message.

The exhibition will feature artworks that are dated 1900-1940 years, including his acclaimed masterpieces: «a Horse-lightning», «Field», «the Bridge (Landscape from four points of view)», «Portrait of the futurist poet Vasily Kamensky» and others.

Exhibitions of works of Malevich and Burliuk in Malaga will be open to visitors until February 3, 2019.

The first European branch of the Russian Museum was opened in Malaga on 25 March 2015. It is located in the exhibition halls of the center «Tabakalera» building of the former tobacco factory.