Stephen king called the best film in cinema history

© AP Photo / Elise Amendola, FileАмериканский writer Stephen king. Archival photoStephen king called the best film in cinema history© AP Photo / Elise Amendola, File

The best film in the history of cinema is a picture of Francis Ford Coppola’s «Godfather 2», filmed on the novel by Mario Puzo, the American writer Stephen king.

«Someone asked me yesterday to name the best movie I have ever seen <…> «the Godfather 2» — he wrote on Twitter.

King also joked that I thought the question all night, which, in his opinion, I shouldn’t have.

On the works of «king of horror» Stephen king filmed dozens of films, including such masterpieces as «the Shining» Stanley Kubrick, «the Shawshank redemption» and «the Green mile» Frank Darabont.