The deputies of the Iraqi Parliament on Saturday to elect a new speaker

© Flickr / James (Jim) GordonИракский Parliament. Archival photoThe deputies of the Iraqi Parliament on Saturday to elect a new speaker© Flickr / James (Jim) Gordon

The Iraqi Council of representatives (Parliament) will continue on Saturday, which were suspended in early September meeting, the main topic of the meeting of members will be the election of a new speaker of the legislative Assembly and his two deputies.

The first meeting in may elected a new composition of the Council of representatives (Parliament) of Iraq took place in Baghdad on the third of September. The deputies had to elect the President of Parliament and both his deputies. However, because of a disagreement around the figure of the speaker, the meeting was adjourned.

The post of head of Parliament according to the agreement of the political groups in post-Saddam Iraq is the representative of the Sunni community of the country. Now at this position nine people, among them former defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi and Vice-President of Iraq and former head of Parliament Osama an-Nujaifi.

For the posts of Deputy chairmen of the Parliament are traditionally elected by members of the Shiite and Kurdish communities.

Supreme Federal court of Iraq on 19 August ratified the results of parliamentary elections held in the country on may 12.

Earlier the Iraqi Parliament voted in favor of the need for a manual recount in the parliamentary elections in connection with the revealed violations, which delayed the formation of the new government. The higher independent electoral Commission of Iraq has completed a partial manual recount of the vote in early August.

In may this year, parliamentary elections were held in Iraq for the first time after the liberation of the country from terrorists. According to the results published by the electoral Commission of Iraq after the election victory of the coalition candidates, which is popular Shiite scholar Moqtada al-Sadr, he is not running. The coalition of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi took third place, behind the coalition also from Shiite militia headed by Hadi al-ameri.

The winning coalition MPs to form a government that will govern for the next four years.

The election of the head of the Parliament and his deputies will take place amid a political crisis caused by the unceasing protests in the southern Iraqi city of Basra. The residents of this port city for several months demanding that the authorities improve the situation with the supply of the city with clean drinking water and electricity.

In early September, the enraged demonstrators torched the administration building of the province and the city administration. The army, which was tasked to restore order in the port city during a crackdown on protesters, used tear gas and firearms. There are dead and wounded during the riots. In addition, protestors in Basra burned down the offices of Pro-Iranian political parties and movements, of the Iranian Consulate and one of the presidential palaces in the city centre.