The Japanese launch of the space truck «Konotori-7» delayed

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The Japanese rocket Н2В with the space truck «Konotori-7» on Board is delayed, said Japan aerospace exploration Agency (JAXA).

The launch was to take place at 5.59 on Saturday (14 September 23.59 GMT), but half an hour before launch on the event page there was an inscription about that that the launch would be postponed. Earlier, the launch was moved from September 11.

«Kounotori-2» should deliver on MKS the capsule to descend to Earth, the results of the experiments conducted aboard the station. Will have to check its resistance when passing into the solid layers of the atmosphere, and to ensure its ability to safely to Land with cargo of space. In addition, attracts the attention of a pilot set of two small satellites STARS-Me, which are the first step in the implementation of the project on the construction of the space Elevator.

A new launch date has not yet been reported.