The Minister of defense of Slovakia stated about the shortage of personnel of the armed forces

© AP Photo / Petr David Oakley Slovakia and the EU in front of the Parliament building in Bratislava. Archival photoThe Minister of defense of Slovakia stated about the shortage of personnel of the armed forces© AP Photo / Petr David Josek

The defense Ministry of Slovakia is concerned that members of the armed forces (AF) of the Republic includes only 75%, said Friday the head of Department, Peter Gaydosh during the visit to MO by the Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini.

«We are particularly concerned about shortages of armed forces personnel, they are now equipped with approximately only 75%. This is due, in particular, the fact that we create new units, which will complete when the part will come new technology that will motivate young people to join the armed forces,» the Minister said at a press conference after the meeting, which was broadcast on network TV channels.

In turn, the Prime Minister emphasized the scale of the ongoing modernisation of the army.

«Over half of our government, we have witnessed major investments in technical modernization of the army. It requires a very difficult and courageous decisions, but I believe that they are necessary and proper,» said Pellegrini.

The Prime Minister reminded that the decision is already made to purchase in USA, 14 new F-16 fighters, the maintenance of which is intended to attract the enterprise for repair aviacar in the town of Trencin in the West of the Republic.

In addition, according to Pellegrini, the government has already approved the purchase of 25 domestic self-propelled artillery Zuzana-2 and new radar systems, and in the near future, the Cabinet also plans to discuss the purchase of a multi-purpose tactical combat armored vehicles with wheel formula 8×8 and 4×4.

«After the adoption of the decision on increase of salaries to workers of budgetary sphere, the government expects that from January 2019 and January 2020, the salary of military personnel will also be increased, in both cases by 10%,» — said the Prime Minister.