The most dramatic weather forecast. American presenter became the target for jokes

A TV weathermanThe most dramatic weather forecast. American presenter became the target for jokes

Users of social networks has surprised TV weatherman American channel The Weather Channel, theatrical fighting hurricane «Florence». Video unusual report was published on Twitter by Tony scar.

So dramatic! Dude from the weather channel bracing for his life, as 2 dudes just stroll past. #HurricaneFlorence

β€” Tony scar. (@gourdnibler) 14 Sep 2018.

«So dramatic! Dude channel The Weather Channel is fighting for life while two other dudes were just walking by.»

The footage shows how meteorologist Mike Seidel talks about the weather, hiding from the strong wind flow and rain and barely able to stand. However, towards the end of the report behind him are two young men. They are easily dressed up, go with normal speed and obviously not notice the accident.

Commentators are surprised by this contrast. Someone remembered the «fake news» and noted that TV cannot be trusted.

LOL.Forget the Fake News,now we have the Fake Weather..🀣.LOL M. M.

β€” Miracle Man (@JadeiteGordon) 15 Sep 2018

«Forget about fake news, we have now fake weather forecasts».

This is the kind of stuff which saps people’s trust in the media. Shame on that guy and the #weatherchannel.

β€” Kenn Sebesta (@aeroboticist) 15 Sep 2018

«This is what undermines people’s trust in the media. Shame on this guy and the #weatherchannel».

Others suggested to give Seidel the award «Oscar» for the drama.

And he Oscar goes to

β€” 𝕢𝖆𝖙 π•±π–šπ–‘π–Œπ–Šπ–“π–Ÿ (@KatbeeFulgenz) 14 Sep 2018.

«And the Oscar goes to…»

Give that reporter an Oscar! #Hurricane Florence

β€” Neil Roberts (@verulamfisher) 15 Sep 2018

«Give this reporter «Oscar».

Some have wondered why bother to tell about the weather outside when you can do indoors.

Why to reporters reporting on hurricanes have to stand out in the wind and rain? We know that there’s a lot of rain and high winds in a hurricane. Reporters reporting on a house fire don’t stand in the fire.

β€” Barry Rudd (@BarryRudd) 14 Sep 2018.

Someone remembered an episode from the sitcom «the Class».

Oh epic fail hahaha

β€” Dream0zβœ¨πŸŒ™ (@Dream0z) 15 Sep 2018

Later, representatives of The Weather Channel explained that passers-by walked on the pavement, and the lead was standing on the wet and slippery grass. Due to this and it turned out comical and contrasting effect.

Hurricane «Florence» hit the United States a few days ago. Forecasters called it one of the most dangerous hurricanes, as it can cause flooding.