The Prime parade of the Vakhtangov theatre will play «False note»

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite in Photobacterium Rimas Tuminas. Archival photoThe Prime parade of the Vakhtangov theatre will play «False note»© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite the image Bank

The famous Director Rimas Tuminas opens the parade of the Vakhtangov theatre in the new season and represents the September 15 performance of «the False note» on the play by Didier Caron, reported in a press-service of the theatre.

Tuminas created the play «the False note» with his regular creative team: set designer Adomas Jacovkis, costume designer Maxim Obrezkova, composer Faustian the Latenas, and Director Alex Kuznetsov.

Starring, of which only two — the people’s artists of Russia: Alexey Guskov, Vakhtangov and invited Gennady Khazanov.

Didier Caron started as an employee of the Bank, but the creative nature demanded change. He tries himself in various literary genres, writes first play, «the Charity of the order», which put the theatre «splendid,» tries himself in the role of the artist.

The recognition and success he brought the play «true happiness», which he’ll shoot his first feature film. Since then Didier Caron is a Director, actor, playwright. Since 2008 he heads one of the oldest and most popular of Parisian theaters, «Michelle», whose repertoire includes two of his plays — «the Counterfeit note» and «the Garden of Alphonse». «False note» was written in 2017 and shown at the festival in Avignon.

«Can you run from your past? Can I continue to live with impunity, reaping the accolades and success? Can you survive the disgrace?» among the topics put before him and the audience the author.

World-famous conductor H. P. Miller has just completed a concert in Geneva Philharmonic. He was dissatisfied with his orchestra and extremely annoyed. In the dressing room suddenly, the viewer, who specially came from Belgium to attend this concert. A longtime fan of Miller’s eager to get an autograph and a photo of the famous Maestro in the memory.

But what is behind this meeting? Only a desire to Express delight or a pre-planned insidious plan? The meeting of these two men will change the life of everyone, becoming match, which will change the philosophy of everyone’s life.

Almost a detective story where the «victim» and «executioner» often change places, and keep the audience in suspense until the very end of the play.