Ukraine has estimated the damage from the «Nord stream — 2»

© Photo : stock photoСудно Allseas Solitaire during the work on laying of gas pipelines Nord stream-2 in the Gulf. September 5, 2018Ukraine has estimated the damage from the «Nord stream — 2»© Photo : Allseas stock photo

The head of «Naftogaz of Ukraine» Andrey Kobelev said that the implementation of the project «Northern stream — 2» will be a heavy blow to the economy.

«If to speak about volumes, is three billion dollars a year. Now it is those revenues that we receive for the transit of gas through Ukraine. If the «Nord stream — 2″, for example, now it will start, then after two years, the project can be completed, and once it is completed, all the calculations show that the transit of gas through Ukraine will not,» said Kobelev, quoted by the edition UNN.

He explained that the damage will amount to about three percent of GDP.

«For us it will be a huge loss,» he said.

According to him, after the completion of construction of transit of blue fuel will be carried out through the «Turkish stream», and the remaining volumes will pass through the «Nord stream — 2».

On the eve of President Petro Poroshenko said that the income from the transit of Russian gas Ukraine spends on defence funding.

The construction of the pipeline

The project «Northern stream — 2» involves the laying of two pipelines with a capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas a year via the Baltic sea.

The new pipeline is planned to be build next to the «Nord stream». It will pass through the territorial sea or the exclusive economic zone of the countries located along the shores of the Baltic sea — Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. The construction permit remained only to obtain from Denmark.

Against the implementation of the project several countries, in particular Ukraine. In Kiev are afraid to lose profit from the transit of Russian gas to Europe. The United States also opposed the construction of the pipeline as hatching plans to export LNG to the EU. In addition, the leaders of Latvia, Lithuania and Poland believe the project is politically motivated. The Russian authorities, in turn, have repeatedly stated that «Nord stream — 2» is a purely economic project. The Russian leader Vladimir Putin noted that the future transit of gas through Ukrainian territory, when it is saved, must meet economic requirements.

Ukraine has estimated the damage from the «Nord stream — 2»© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Pedicellata attack