Walker called the stage of the conflict in the Donbass hot

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The US special envoy on Ukraine Kurt Volker said that in the Donbas there is a hot phase of the conflict.

«In the East of Ukraine is now the hot stage of the war, it has a terrible impact on the local population <…> This conflict is not frozen, has not been completed. It continues every night, every day,» said Walker at the conference «Yalta European strategy».

According to him, due to hostilities in the region suffers from the civilian population, increase humanitarian problem.

In this case, said Walker, the parties to the conflict are stuck in the Minsk process. He believes that the political points of the Minsk agreements, which Ukraine must fulfill, a special status, Amnesty, elections will be «physically impossible to implement».

He also noted that Washington is ready to continue talks with Russia on a UN-mandated peacekeeping force to «create real security in this zone, create the time and space in order to be able to take political steps, holding legitimate local elections.»

What is happening in the conflict zone

From the 29th of August in the Donbass, a so-called «school» a truce to mark the start of the school year. However, the parties to the conflict report violations of cease-fire.

So, according to the representation of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic in the Joint center for control and coordination of the ceasefire, only for the last day the security forces violated the ceasefire 19 times. They were on the territory of the Republic of fire from APCS, grenade launchers, small arms. Due to the shelling in Donetsk damaged seven houses.

The LC said three cases of violations by the security forces of the ceasefire for the day. According to militia, the Ukrainian military used mortars caliber 82 millimeter mortars, heavy machine guns and small arms. Bombardment of the position of the LC in the village of Krasny Yar, Sokolniki and Kalinovka.

Walker called the stage of the conflict in the Donbass hotThe Minsk agreement