«You have leukemia, a rare form». Looking for bone marrow donor

© Photo : from personal archive of Yulia Kuzminova Cosminology with his donor Sergei«You have leukemia, a rare form». Looking for bone marrow donor© Photo : from personal archive of Yulia Kuzminova

It is not uncommon for people with blood disorders bone marrow transplant is the only chance to survive. Although the operation is paid by the state, the patient spends millions on finding someone with the same genes, cells from only one of the hundreds of thousands will settle in fine. If donor find in Russia, the costs are reduced dramatically. However, in the National register only 84 thousand people, while in the world — 32 million. The International day for the bone marrow donor RIA Novosti spoke with those who found a «genetic relative» and beat the disease.

Ten years of struggle

In 2002, Yulia Kuzminova from the city of Dmitrov son was born. When Greg was only two years old, Julia got sick: temperature of 37.5 stayed more than three weeks even after two courses of antibiotics. Then inflamed lymph nodes. «Looking at the results of blood tests, the doctor sent me to the SMRC of Hematology. There was diagnosed with «acute lymphoblastic leukemia». At first I was just scared that the hospital will have to spend more than one month without a chance to see his son in the clinic it was not allowed. When my neighbor in the house uttered the phrase «blood cancer» I thought to myself that this is not about me. She explained: leukemia is what it means» — shares memories Kuzminova with RIA Novosti.

Three months of chemotherapy required to kill cancer cells, and its for a week was released to his family. And then all over again. And so in the course of the year. «After the four courses hardly persuaded doctors to allow me to live at home and come on the dropper, another year has passed. The same amount spent on tablets. However, after another tests again came to the hospital, and everything went in a circle,» says Julia.

She fought the disease for about ten years. Short improve been, but then the blood counts are still deteriorated. From long-term use of drugs began to fall apart the joints, double-Kuzminova was placed in intensive care. Doctors suggested to transplant of her own cells, she refused, did not believe in success. «Another option is transplantation of a brother or sister, but I don’t. By the tenth year of the disease doctors said I could try to find an unrelated donor. In Russia such operations had just begun. I agreed,» says Julia.

About four years ago, Tatiana Trifonova was in a city hospital Queen with pneumonia. A blood test showed: hemoglobin level at around 65 at the rate of 120. An additional examination in Moscow SMRC Hematology revealed a rare form of leukemia.

«I was told that need a bone marrow transplant. When announced the amount of two million rubles, I only made a helpless gesture: even if my daughter and I have sold our room in a communal apartment and a dacha, money would not be enough. First, in General the treatment is not wanted, but the daughter brought in a sense: «You still have grandchildren to bring up». Decided to go on a drip and blood transfusion», — says Tatiana.

Despite the weakness, she continued to work as an accountant. «I rather crawled than walked: sometimes hemoglobin was down to forty. As much in the eyes darkened. But the salary of the daughter is not enough for two.»

Doctor helped to inform the Fund of struggle against leukemia. After some time there reported, that they found a donor from Penza to check its compliance was much cheaper. «My company is medical equipment, so the CEO knows firsthand what cancer is. He helped with money, some portion of the collected Fund. Already wanted to buy the doctor train tickets when e-mail came a letter, and the refusal of the donor», — restores the chronology of events Tatiana.

He said: ten years ago, all the transplant was made in Russia from foreigners. «It is now more than a hundred transplants performed from the Russians, mainly from the Kirov case. Although the total number of donors in the registries in the country remains low — only 84 thousand. The probability of each particular donor and a patient needing a transplant is very low: from one hundred thousand to one in twenty-five million, depending on genetic characteristics,» said the hematologist.

And he adds: «Now with an important initiative by the Responde, developed a project to increase the influx of donors and almost four times cheaper process analysis — key analysis for the replenishment of the register».

The figures are really frightening. «Interoperability testing with the Russian donor now costs 400 thousand rubles, while for compatibility with the foreign — in one and a half million. Therefore, the more people will be in the National register, the greater the number of patients you can help. Any healthy person between 18 and 45 years — a potential donor. You only need to come and get tested» — sums up Eugene Lobanov from the National register of bone marrow donors.