A Palestinian teenager died after clashes with Israeli military

© AP Photo / Nasser IshtayehИзраильские military. Archival photoA Palestinian teenager died after clashes with Israeli military© AP Photo / Nasser Ishtayeh

A Palestinian teenager died from wounds sustained in earlier clashes with Israeli troops on the Gaza border, told RIA Novosti the representative of the local Ministry of health Ashraf al-Kidra.

He became the fourth party to the victims of Friday’s speeches, which continued a five-month series of protests under the title «the Great March of return».

«Today died in hospital 16-year-old Palestinian from the severe wounds which he received in clashes with Israeli army in southern Gaza strip,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

Directly on Friday in clashes with Israelis were killed and three Palestinians, the youngest of whom was 12 years old.

Al-Kidra added that from March 30, when the «March of return», in clashes with the Israelis have killed 178 Palestinians, nearly 20 thousand were wounded.

The Israeli military reported that in Friday’s protests were attended by 13 thousand people, who burned tires, threw firebombs and explosive devices. The army in response to the applied non-lethal weapons, opened fire and twice attacked the positions of militants of the ruling in the enclave of Hamas, it was said in the summary.