Giorgadze said he received documents about American laboratory near Tbilisi

CC0 / luvqs / Microscope. Archival photoGiorgadze said he received documents about American laboratory near TbilisiCC0 / luvqs /

American laboratory near Tbilisi should be closed, if there is anything illegal, said the former Minister of state security of Georgia Igor Giorgadze, noting that he is ready to apologize if anything illegal is found.

Giorgadze at a press conference in Moscow on Tuesday said that appealed to US President Donald Trump with the request to investigate the activities of the laboratory, and Richard Lugar, where, he claims, can conduct lethal experiments on human beings. Giorgadze gave details about the death of the 30 people allegedly killed in December 2015 while undergoing treatment for hepatitis C in the laboratory. In April and August 2016 died, respectively, 30 and 13 people, in the cause of death is listed as «unknown», but investigations of the causes was carried out. According to him, names are not specified, only their assigned rooms with the dates of birth and gender.

«If there is something wrong, suspend, terminate, close. If the illegal no — Lord, I am ready to apologize,» he said in an interview with RT.

Thus, according to him, he wants to bring in experts to get acquainted with the array of documents. He said that we are talking about a large number of documents is 100 thousand sheets. In an interview Giorgadze said that he had received documents from their friends, and their initial study suggests that in the laboratory, perhaps, «experiments on the residents of Georgia.» The former Minister explained that his goal is to attract the expert community at the international level.

«There is a desire to involve experts: understand what is happening there. Why? The first thing that catches the eye: if you look at the results, including with the participation of specialists of the laboratory Lugar, there is a trend of improvement in the treatment of hepatitis C in Georgia. This is by far. But against this background, strange things happen, which, incidentally, is discernible from the documents,» — said Giorgadze.

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that Moscow will ask for an official explanation of the activities of this laboratory. The defense Ministry will analyze lined with Georgian ex-Minister documents on military-biological program of the United States, publish the results, said Friday the Russian defense Ministry.

The Russian side has repeatedly expressed concern about the activities of the Pentagon «for placement of their medico-biological laboratories in close proximity to Russian borders». In 2015, the Ministry of foreign Affairs mentioned in this connection, the so-called «Research center of public health named after R. Lugar» in the suburbs of Tbilisi, under whose roof firmly «registered» medical research division of the US army.