Greek opposition leader called the agreement on the name of Macedonia is shameful

© RIA Novosti / Kostis to Tantalisingly in photosangelina shout slogans at the Greek Parliament in Athens during a protest against the renaming of Macedonia in Northern Macedonia. Archival photoGreek opposition leader called the agreement on the name of Macedonia is shameful© RIA Novosti / Kostis to Tantalisingly the image Bank

The leader of the largest opposition party of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis called shameful agreement on a new constitutional name of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and stated that New democracy will vote against the Treaty in this and in the next Parliament, and negotiations will have to start again.

The Greek government in June signed an agreement with the Republic of Macedonia, which solves a longstanding dispute about the name and opens the neighbouring country, the path to NATO and the EU, but which is criticized in Greece and Skopje. In this case against the agreement is the leader of the Junior partner of the ruling coalition – the party «Independent Greeks» (ANEL) — defense Minister Panos Kammenos. The majority of the Greek population, according to polls, opposed to the name of the neighboring country was the word «Macedonia» is a region North of Greece, and many Greeks believe that no one has the right to use the name of a historical Greek region.

«The heavy shadow fell on Northern Greece. The agreement on the issue of Skopje, which without considering the opinion of the Greek Parliament, without consulting the Greek people have signed (Prime Minister Alexis) Tsipras, (the Minister of foreign Affairs Nikos) Kammenos and Kotzias. The infamous agreement, which provides for the first time our neighbors «Macedonian identity» and «Macedonian language», — said Mitsotakis, speaking in a keynote speech in Thessaloniki.

«Even more shameful is the blatant attempt by the government to qualify as right-wing those who do not agree and protest against the agreement. We repeated to Mr. Tsipras that the real patriots are not nationalists. And radical nationalists are not patriots,» — said the leader of the conservative New democracy, which leads in opinion polls and could come to power in the next parliamentary elections.

He demanded never to identify as far-right «great people’s force that restored democracy and brought Greece to Europe.»

The Mitsotakis said that his party would not support the agreement. «I want to get from the capital of Macedonia, to send a clear message to all. New democracy will vote against this agreement. Either now or in the next Parliament. And finally, if the Greek Parliament will vote against the agreement signed by SYRIZA, the other party should know that negotiations will start from the beginning,» he said.

In the former Yugoslav Republic of September 30, designated by the referendum on the renaming of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, in the framework of the signed in June the agreement with Greece. This will open the path to NATO membership. In recent days in Skopje was visited by many European politicians, including the head of European diplomacy Federica Mogherini, the chancellors of Germany and Austria, NATO Secretary General, who openly called for support in the referendum, the agreement with Greece.