In Hodeidah at the impact of the Arab coalition killed employees of the radio station

© RIA Novostieurasia in Yemen. Archival photoIn Hodeidah at the impact of the Arab coalition killed employees of the radio station© RIA Novosti

Four persons became victims of the attack aircraft of the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia on the radio in the city of hodeida in Western Yemen, the attack was condemned by journalism organizations, said on Sunday the Yemeni TV channel «al-Masirah».

According to TV channel, in the airstrike, which targeted the building of radio in the al-Moravia, killing three security guards and one of the employees of the radio station. The correspondent of the TV channel pointed out that the coalition aircraft hovered over the building of the radio station, not allowing the ambulance to go there.

The Union of journalists of Yemen issued a statement condemning the attack on the radio station, which stated that «the attack on the radio station of Hodeida is a new crime in a chain of crimes and violations against journalists and the national journalism organizations». The Union called the strike a «war crime which should not remain without punishment», urging all international and local organizations to protect the rights to freedom of speech to support a radio station of Hodeida in this situation.

The Arab coalition has not yet commented on the information the Yemeni side about the attack on the radio station.

Supporting Yemeni President Abd-rabbu Mansour Hadi, the Arab coalition headed by Saudi Arabia for more than three months trying to discourage Hodeidah, where the strategically important port of Yemen rebels-Houthis. However, Pro-government forces failed to establish control over the city. In recent days, the coalition has strengthened the bombing of al-Hudaydah, supporting the offensive side Hadi, fighting in the South of Hodeidah.