In the Czech Republic this year arrested 130 illegal immigrants

© RIA Novosti / Leonid Sviridovskoe on Wenceslas square in Prague. Archival photoIn the Czech Republic this year arrested 130 illegal immigrants© RIA Novosti / Leonid Sviridov

In the Czech Republic this year was arrested 130 illegal migrants trying through its territory to move to Western countries, told reporters on Saturday temporarily combining the posts of the heads of the foreign Ministry and the interior Ministry Jan hamáček.

According to Hamacek, the Republic itself is not a goal for refugees.

«In the midst of the migration crisis in 2015, our police arrested about 3 thousand illegal migrants trying to move further to Western Europe. This year, the figure was much less, yet only 130 people. Because from the very beginning their actions have made it clear that we’re going to identify and stop all attempts to violate our borders, than cooled the ardor of those people involved in trafficking of refugees,» said Hamachek.

Saturday Hamacek on one of the sites Western boundary of the Republic was observed during the control actions of police checks at two border crossings in Cheb district of people and vehicles. In General, in the course of the event using the latest equipment was controlled by the 552 car and about 850 people, of whom two-thirds were from other EU countries. Its 40 Czech colleagues helped eight policemen from Germany.

As told journalists the head of the police of the Karlovy vary region Petr Machacek, during a protest at the border had identified 19 minor violations. Basically, was talking about the fact that citizens from EU countries, accustomed to unchecked across borders in Europe, did not have a identity. It was also recorded several cases of violation of the permitted driving speed.