In the United States without any explanation closed solar Observatory

© AP Photo / Louis LanzanoСотрудники the FBI. Archival photoIn the United States without any explanation closed solar Observatory© AP Photo / Louis LanzanoПодпишись to daily updates RIA Science

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In the U.S. state of new Mexico without any explanation closed solar Observatory, according to the portal Space.

It is noted that the scientific construction of the idle with the sixth of September, when its personnel were evacuated. All this time were investigating FBI agents.

The Association of universities for research in astronomy AURA, under which is a private object, said only that it «is investigating problems with security» and «decided to temporarily vacate the building of the Observatory as a precaution until further notice». In the organization added that working with «relevant authorities», without specifying, however, what it was.

Adds Space around the incident already, there are various rumors. So, some suggest that the Observatory could be closed to prevent leak of information about «the deadly flare of the Sun», others believe that the building is an investigation of espionage.