Public men in Primorye complained about the busing of voters

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Public men sent to the election Commission of Primorsky Krai complaints on cases of transportation of voters in some polling stations during the second round of elections of the head of region has told RIA Novosti co-Chairman of the Association for protection of electoral rights «Civil control» Alexander Brod.

He noted that the Association conducts monitoring during the second round of elections of the head of Primorye. Sunday in the region is the expert of «Civil control», the Vice-President of the Guild of lawyers of Vladimir Samarin, the Association is in contact with the public chamber of the region, local experts were contacted by the Deputy Chairman of the regional election Committee the Novel by Okhotnikova, told the Agency interlocutor.

«Social activists have documented several problematic issues. First, during the week were distributed campaign materials of the Communist party, without the necessary output data, and today several sites have been documented cases of transportation of voters, presumably in favor of the candidate from the Communist party,» Brod told RIA Novosti.

He stated that relevant information was transferred to the electoral Commission and from there to the police. «While the comments from the police Department of the region could not be obtained, they are ready to comment tomorrow. I believe that this is not a rapid response by law enforcement to incoming messages,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

In his opinion, should act working group, which, in spite of the day, quickly would react to such signals. «So I think it’s worth and the Federal Ministry of see why no prompt reaction from the seaside colleagues,» he added.

As for action on the part of the electoral system in the region, according to Ford, now the territorial election commissions checks are performed on the plots. «There were reports that one of voters attempted to vote two ballots, on one of the sites was recorded the fact of bribing. In General, I see that there is a serious competition, tense elections», — concluded the co-chair of the «Civil control».

Hunters previously told reporters that by 18.00 (11.00 MSK) received 14 complaints of violations. According to him, two complaints on bribery and transportation of voters sent to the Ministry of internal Affairs, under scrutiny.

The results of the voting on 9 September in the second round of elections came acting Governor Andrei Tarasenko, who received in the first round 46,56%, and the Deputy of legislative Assembly of Primorye candidate from the Communist party Andrei Ishchenko, who scored 26,63%.