South Korea has sent the DPRK a group of 93 people to prepare for the summit

© AP Photo / Korea Press PoolВстреча Summit of leaders Northern and South Korea, Kim Jong-UN and moon Jae-In. Archival photoSouth Korea has sent the DPRK a group of 93 people to prepare for the summit© AP Photo / Korea Summit Press Pool

A group of 93 South Korean officials, journalists and technical staff went on Sunday to the DPRK to prepare next week’s summit with the participation of the President of South Korea moon Jae-In and North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN.

According to Yonhap news Agency, the preparatory group uses the land route between the two countries. For her trip were involved in 19 buses.

The inter-Korean summit will be held September 18-20 in the capital of the DPRK. Earlier it became known that the President of South Korea, moon Jae-In arrives in Pyongyang on a direct flight.

The first meeting of Korean leaders took place on 27 April in the demilitarized zone in Panmunjom border crossing. Less than a month, we held the second talks between the heads of South Korea and North Korea. It is expected that the September summit will focus on the implementation of the agreements of the Declaration signed at Panmunjom.