The number of victims of the Typhoon in the Philippines has increased to 32 people

© REUTERS / Bobby Wrtiten Mangkhut. 16 Sep 2018The number of victims of the Typhoon in the Philippines has increased to 32 people© REUTERS / Bobby Yip

The death toll from Typhoon «Mangkhut» in the Philippines has increased to 32 people, 29 are reported missing, more than 40 miners were trapped in the landslide, according to the TV station ABS-CBN, citing local authorities.

Earlier it was reported 25 dead and 13 missing.

«Private hut, in which there were 40-50 people, was buried under the earth due to the landslide. We fear that they could die,» — said the mayor caught the power of Typhoon Philippine city Itogon Victorio Pelanggan. As noted by the representative of the local police Lyndon, Mansio, rescuers pulled from the rubble the bodies of four dead, the search operation continues.

According to the TV station, most residents of the area, where there was a landslide, the miners. According to the mayor, the building, trapped under the rubble, was also used by miners.

Powerful Typhoon «Mangkhut» reached the North-Eastern coast of the Philippines Friday night. Philippine atmospheric, geophysical and astronomical services administration (PAGASA) reported that the wind gusts on some Islands of the archipelago reach 170 km per hour, and the wave height in the North of Luzon may reach six meters of height. In addition, the expected heavy rainfall, issued a warning about the dangers of flooding. According to the authorities, the Typhoon has affected more than 250 thousand people living in the region, about half of them are directed to the centers of evacuation.