Family members of the Palestinian Ambassador was asked to leave the U.S.

© AP Photo / Pablo Martinez MonsivaisВид at the Capitol building in Washington. Archival photoFamily members of the Palestinian Ambassador was asked to leave the U.S.© AP Photo / Pablo Martinez Monsivais

The head of mission of the Palestine liberation Organization (PLO) Hussam Zomlot told RIA Novosti that the US authorities asked his family to leave the country.

Before the us administration announced the termination of work of representative office of the Palestine liberation Organization, explaining their actions by the Palestinians ‘ refusal from participation in the peace initiatives of the President of the United States Donald trump and their intention to hold Israel to the International criminal court.

«My family was surprised Sunday evening by request of the authorities to leave the country. My family and my children asked to leave immediately. They go to Ramallah,» said Zomlot.

The diplomat added that the US authorities shut down private banking accounts and accounts of the office of the PLO in Washington.

Zomlot said that «America continues its attack on the Palestinian leadership in the ongoing action that began with the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, transferring its Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the closure of the PLO office in Washington and the cessation of financial assistance to the middle East the UN Agency for assistance to Palestinian refugees and works (UNRWA), consolidating the policy of political and financial misappropriation in view of our rejection of the deal of the century, which detract from our national rights.»

Palestinian portal Al-Watan Voice notes, citing sources, that has also been canceled visas of family members of Somlata, despite the fact that they were valid until 2022.

Palestinians accuse trump of being biased in favor of Israel and refuse to participate in its middle East peace initiatives since the end of last year, the United States recognized Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state, ignoring claims of Palestine on the Eastern part of the city.