Governor of Primorye accused each other of falsifying the records

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Governor of Primorye Andrey Ishchenko Andrey Tarasenko accused each other of falsification of the protocols in the second round of elections of the head region.

Earlier, during the counting of votes was in the lead the candidate from the Communist party Andrei Ishchenko, the gap between him and Andrei Tarasenko was up to 8%. Monday morning Tarasenko counting 99.03% of the ballots in the second round of elections of the head of the region ahead of his opponent by 0.5% and gained 49,02%, was reported on the CEC website. Ishchenko said about the falsification of ballots in Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Ussuriisk and Artyom and announced an indefinite hunger strike. The electoral Commission of the Krai earlier reported that a check of the complaint of supporters Ishchenko. In the OP of the region noted that the observers of irregularities in the counting protocols are not recorded.

«Night… here in the regional election Commission and the CEO the elections were rigged, manually entered the results of the vote. In Ussuriysk in the administration of the city through the night’s revelries. We found 6 rewritten protocols. In each of the candidate Tarasenko from 900 to 2 thousand protocols assigned. Arsenyev – we won, still the data is not entered,» — said Ishchenko told reporters.

The representative of the electoral headquarters of Tarasenko, wsou in turn, told the journalists about the facts of falsification of ballots in Ussuriysk and Vladivostok.

«Representatives of the Communist party, observers, members of the commissions let normal counting. Tables an incredible number of ballots declared invalid… Yesterday we filed several complaints on the facts of supply, were buying votes… In major cities in the thousands of votes. Vladivostok — more than 10 thousand, Ussuriysk is also a few thousand», — said the representative of the headquarters.

The representative of the election Committee of Primorye Natalia Kamaeva told reporters that the September 16, 13 complaints were made. The hotline of the CEC received 18 complaints.

Including received one complaint on the incorrect counting of votes in Ussuriysk. Two complaints were received from Trustee Ischenko on Artem election Commission.

The results of the voting on 9 September in the second round of elections came Andrei Tarasenko, who received in the first round 46,56%, and the Deputy of legislative Assembly of Primorye candidate from the Communist party Andrei Ishchenko, who scored 26,63%.

According to the exit poll, Tarasenko is leading with a score of 53%, Ishchenko gaining 47%, according to OOO «KTS «Expert Groups.»Governor of Primorye accused each other of falsifying the records© Infografika of heads of regions of Russia