Russia will seek adoption of his draft resolution on the IAEA safeguards

© AFP 2018 / Joe KlamarШтаб-IAEA apartment in Vienna. Archival photoRussia will seek adoption of his draft resolution on the IAEA safeguards© 2018 AFP / Joe Klamar

Russia in the International atomic energy Agency will seek adoption of his draft resolution on the IAEA safeguards, reported RIA Novosti, Russia’s permanent representative to the international organizations in Vienna Mikhail Ulyanov.

In Vienna from 17 to 21 September the IAEA General conference, where at a high level will be a broad exchange of views member States of the Agency for the Agency’s activities, and also adopted resolutions that determine many aspects in the practical work of the IAEA in the coming period. On the sidelines of the General conference can also sign up a bilateral agreement.

«Among the resolutions of importance I would put on first place the resolution on IAEA safeguards. IAEA safeguards is in fact the mechanism of check of observance by member States of their obligations. Now in this area a few years are reformist transformation. Not all of us here understand. The Russian side proceeds from the fact that this process needs to be clear for the member States more transparent. And most importantly – it needs to be in accordance with clear rules. According to our estimates, this is not all right. In this regard, we circulated a draft resolution on this matter and will pursue its adoption», — said Ulyanov.

He noted that a draft resolution on safeguards was prepared and the EU.

«These two projects differ only in the content of the paragraph that we are talking about reform of the safeguards system. Unlike us, the European Union are satisfied with everything here. Discrepancies will be the subject of discussions during the General conference,» explained the Ambassador.