The Deputy suggested Skvortsova to introduce in Russia the «dry law»

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pescaprae in photobymarcgolub section of the supermarket. Archival photoThe Deputy suggested Skvortsova to introduce in Russia the «dry law»© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pescaprae the image Bank

State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov proposed to the Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova to introduce in Russia the «dry law» to be imposed «order» in the alcohol industry.

«I suggest you consider the possibility of making a serious defensive measures against alcoholism… the Main part of my proposal — the introduction of a temporary «dry law» in the territory of the Russian Federation till the moment of restoring order in the alcohol industry and the onset of fracture of the indicators of alcoholism in the population of our country. Without such harsh measures, the future of the country, in my opinion, will drown in the HL poisonous alcoholic potions», — said in the letter Skvortsova Milanova, which is available to RIA Novosti.

The MP also proposed to radically revise the mechanism for the retail sale and advertising of any alcoholic beverages, including alcoholic beverages, develop a strategy for the fight against alcoholism and the sale of low-quality alcohol. These measures, he said, should take «harshly and ruthlessly against the so-called vodka and beer «kings», preying on the health of our nation,» stressed the MP.

«In recent years, the level of alcohol consumption in our country is at a dangerously high level. Moreover, the quality of alcohol consumed does not always meet the approved standards of quality and safety. With regret we can say that on a number of indirect signs our country has an epidemic of alcoholism. To the bottle» stretch not only adults but even children in the periphery, in contrast to the Central regions do not always strictly follow the rules of sales of alcoholic beverages, and Supervisory and regulatory authorities do not have time to take preventive measures,» — said the Deputy.

Milonov cited statistics according to which the past 25 years, the prevalence of alcoholism among the Russian population, including children, has increased several times.

«Especially suffers from the «green dragon» rural and agricultural regions whole rural village and arrays immersed in unrestrained chronic alcoholism on the background of economic decline which happened in the 90 years, the consequences of which we still only overcome,» — said the MP.

The Deputy noted that before neither before 1917 nor in the Soviet period the volume of alcohol consumption (approximately 18 liters of alcohol per capita, including children, according to statistics for 2018) was not.

«I ask you to consider this proposal and, in the case of dividing my concern and jointly begin to develop legal mechanisms to save our country from alcohol conspiracy», he concluded.

Last week, VTSIOM published the results of a poll in which the idea of introducing a «dry law» supported by 12% of Russians. In addition, 54% of Russians are in favor of promoting a healthy lifestyle, and 49% — for a ban on alcohol advertising. Thirty-three percent of respondents also approve of the introduction of criminal responsibility for drinking alcohol in public places.

The «dry law» was implemented in the USSR under Mikhail Gorbachev. Then, during the anti-alcohol campaign increased the price of alcohol, restricting its sale. This resulted in an increase in the consumption of vodka and surrogates, has attacked the budget, however, during this period, mortality decreased, increased life expectancy, decreased the number of crimes on the basis of alcoholism.