The Network has made fun of «crying» bridge in Kiev

In Kiev there was a pipe break on the bridge Paton. Photos of the accident witnesses post on the social networks.

As reported by Ukrainian TV channel NewsOne, a fault noticed on 9 September in the evening. A breakthrough occurred in three places, but soon the situation worsened and the powerful streams of water began to drain into the Dnieper.

The incident caused a heated discussion in social networks. Internet users came up with several «versions» of the incident.

«Here the capital, the Paton bridge, not only «tired», but zamirotochila» — says Kiev journalist Dmytro Fedorenko.

According to some commentators, the overpass just «cried».

«He is sick», — is spoken in the comment of Alexei Klimenko.

«Endless source,» wrote Eugene Polunov.

«Nice, but I doubt the reforms!» — joked Alexander Nikolaev.

«Really hot?» — syroniziroval Vita Drelinskaya.

As reported in the Kiev administration, the accident occurred due to prolonged shutdown of hot water that had affected the condition of heating systems. At the moment the heating has detected and removed 16 damage, but repairs are still ongoing.