The Ukrainian part of the dam of kilocalories on the lake in the Crimea collapsed

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura in fotobanka Crimea Titan. Archival photoThe Ukrainian part of the dam of kilocalories on the lake in the Crimea collapsed© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura the image Bank

Director of the company «Crimean Titan» Andrey Akulov has confirmed that the dam separating kislotostabilen plant from lake Sivash, partially destroyed from the Ukrainian side.

«Part of the dam, about half is in Russia and half in Ukraine. <…> Over the integrity of the dam, we follow, we affirm that the dam is partially destroyed on the territory of Ukraine. Discovered it was us on Friday,» — said Akulov.

The Director could not tell whether through the destroyed part of the salt water and salty brine in kislotostabilen that could cause a reaction of sulfuric acid with salt with the formation of hydrogen chloride. According to Akulov, in this issue you understand scientists, including from the Moscow Mendeleyev Institute where sent the latest results of air samples and soil.

«I can confirm that we have addressed in FSB, to check this building», he added.

The situation with kislotoustoichivam chemical plant «Crimean Titan» has become aggravated in the end of August. Because of the emission of pollutants on rooftops and the leaves of the trees in Armyansk and nearby villages formed oily coating with yellow tinge. Plant «Crimea Titan» has completely stopped, and children from the city of Armyansk and the two villages were taken to health institutions.

On Friday the city introduced a state of emergency.

Version pollution

The authorities of the Peninsula considering six causes of air pollution, including the dumping of unidentified substances from the territory of Ukraine.

Among other versions: emission of harmful substances by the company «Titanium investment», the excess levels of harmful emissions of the enterprise «Brom» and the Crimean soda plant (both located in Krasnoperekopsk), the excess volumes and concentration reset sulphurous acid plant «Titanium investment» in kislotostabilen and violation of rules of operation of this enterprise of kilocalories.

Kislotostabilen — outdoor cistern built during the Soviet era. In recent years, the sump is considerably shallow, which caused an increase in the concentration of the remaining acid and evaporation of various chemicals into the atmosphere. The sump was filled with water coming through the North-Crimean channel, but after the reunification of the Peninsula with Russia, Ukraine has blocked the supply of the Dnieper water.