AmCham made a complete withdrawal of American companies from Russia

© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Listenpreise in fotobanka Coca-Cola HBC Russia. Archival photoAmCham made a complete withdrawal of American companies from Russia© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Listenpreise the image Bank

Remains a real threat of a complete withdrawal of American companies from Russia in case of new sanctions Washington and the response of Moscow, said the head of the American chamber of Commerce in Russia (AmCham) Alexis Rodzianko.

«The main concern of companies is sanctions, not just those that already exist, but the threat of additional sanctions that may be. And these threats grow more often on the American side, but also from the Russian government,» said Rodzianko, speaking at the International discussion club «Valdai».

According to him, the sanctions «actually would have forced all American companies to leave Russia, because they prohibit working with banking systems, transportation, Railways and prohibited from buying gas that is made in Russia is becoming de facto impossible».

«While this is only a threat, but it exists and hangs in the air. I often hear from companies is the following: what results is better this year than in the past in the past was better than the previous. That is, the business is doing, and quite well. But the threat that will have to shut down and leave, she really exists», — added the head of AmCham.

He stressed that the situation remains difficult, but it is «the business continues to operate and grow — and even to invest».

Sanctions in the case Skrobala

Another American sanctions against Russia entered into force on 27 August. The basis for them were the accusations against Moscow in the use of chemical weapons in Salisbury.

These sanctions prohibit any assistance to Moscow from Washington. An exception may be urgent humanitarian support, food, agricultural products.

USA has stopped licensing of the Russian state-owned companies to export arms and dual-use goods. Here, too, there are exceptions — goods that are necessary for cooperation in space and security of civil aviation.

Another point of the new package was the rejection of credit by any American organization.

Here in Washington, said that in November will introduce a second, more stringent round of sanctions, which could affect lending to Russian legal entities, export and import of goods.