DRF reports Rosato documents on the submarine robot for the mining development in the Arctic

© RIA Novosti / Vera Colamartino. Archival photoDRF reports Rosato documents on the submarine robot for the mining development in the Arctic© RIA Novosti / Faith Custompagesize to daily updates RIA Science

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The Fund of perspective researches (FPI) reports Rosato documents on a nuclear submarine robot «iceberg» for the development of the subsoil beneath the Arctic ice, said RIA Novosti the head of the design team of the Foundation Viktor Litvinenko.

«Today the process of transferring the documents of the Federal bodies of Executive power. There were five capacious presented several avant-projects which in future will allow to create new equipment for the Arctic seas in severe conditions. Nothing like it in the world. The amount of documentation is huge. Today we are transfer to Rosatom», — said Litvinenko.

According to him, the next step is to create the structure, which in cooperation with «Rosneft», «Gazprom», USC, Rosatom and in the future, perhaps with Rostec, will allow it to turn into iron.

«Then this company will provide the «hardware» to «Gazprom», «Rosneft», and maybe the international market will be selling Autonomous complexes which no one else,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

Project «iceberg» provides the Foundation for advanced studies on the basis of CDB for marine engineering «Rubin». In this framework, the creation of unique robotic systems that are able to provide a fully Autonomous underwater and under-ice hydrocarbons in the area year-round ice cover of the Arctic. In September 2017, FPI reported that the developed presented several avant-projects energy, transport, installation and service, drilling systems, and complex seismic survey.