Experts estimated the cost of transporting sea water to the «Crimean Titan»

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura in fotobanka Crimea Titan. Archival photoExperts estimated the cost of transporting sea water to the «Crimean Titan»© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura the image Bank

A possible implementation of the project of transferring seawater to kislotostabilen of the plant «Crimean Titan» in Armyansk, which, according to the authorities, the source of harmful emissions into the atmosphere would require about 1 billion rubles, said the Deputy Chairman of the state Committee on water economy and melioration of the Republic of Andrew Lisowski.

«As for the declared events for the construction of a conduit from the Karkinit Bay, from a technical point of view, this pumping station and pipeline about 10 miles … Now the expert community and authorities have not yet declared the effect of seawater (17 g/liter) in the acid environment of kilocalories. You should also consider the cost of the project is 1 billion rubles, you must have this resource,» said Lisowski during exit meeting of parliamentary Committee in the city of Armyansk.

According to Lisowski, the project will take 6 to 16 months, depending on the terms of the Declaration of emergency in the procurement process and peer evaluations.

The company due to the overlap of Ukraine’s water coming in the Crimea on the North Crimean canal, began to consume approximately half the water (currently used groundwater sources), and as a consequence significantly reduced the wastewater, including kislotostabilen plant, said Lisowski. This, as well as severe drought in the summer of 2018, was the cause of the deterioration of the ecological situation in the region.