Government spending on free sotsuslugi 26 thousand rubles per person per year

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wilfed Moscow. Archival photoGovernment spending on free sotsuslugi 26 thousand rubles per person per year© RIA Novosti / Alexander vilf

The state annually spend an average of 26 thousand rubles per person to provide free social services, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Deputy Minister of Finance Alexey Lavrov at the Moscow financial forum.

«How do we provide services? Through the state job budget and departmental institutions. It’s 3.9 trillion rubles a year, about 12% of expenditures of the consolidated budget of the Russian Federation and an average of 26 thousand rubles per person per year. A considerable amount,» he said.

Thus in addition part of the state social services are provided through subsidies and grants, private non-profit organizations, the procurement of services for state and municipal needs, said Lavrov.

According to him, the Ministry of Finance has developed a draft law on state and municipal procurement of social services, which is approved by government and submitted to the state Duma and is scheduled for consideration this fall. «The main innovation in it — each body responsible for the provision of free public services, will need every year to generate state and municipal social order. This document is written, what services for how much money needs to be citizens,» — said the Deputy Minister.

«Then the body must choose one of three ways of delivering services. The first is through government or municipal job budget or Autonomous Agency. It was and will remain the main method. Second, by conducting a joint contest between state and non-state organizations. And, third, to provide citizens with certificates, free get these services», said Lavrov. Thus, the state after the entry into force of the law will be able to assess the full scope of services to citizens, to increase access of the private sector to provide such services and increase their quality. The project covers specific sectors: education, health, the part which is not covered by the MLA, sports and social security, tourism.

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