Hungary has asked Russia to extend the «Turkish stream»

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage in photobacteria-Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban during a joint with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin press conference. September 18, 2018Hungary has asked Russia to extend the «Turkish stream»© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage the image Bank

The Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban asked Vladimir Putin to consider seriously the extension of the «Turkish stream» to Hungary and beyond.

«It is no secret that Hungary wants when from the South towards Hungary, a pipeline will be constructed, we would like to have it then passed through Hungary», — he said after talks with the Russian leader in Moscow.

Putin did not rule out this possibility: one of the land continuation of the «Turkish stream» in the future can pass through Hungary, he said. In addition, Budapest can connect to new routes for transporting Russian gas to Europe, the President said.

The parties also agreed on deliveries of Russian gas in 2020, when the current contract expires.

«There are good opportunities for the development of Russian-Hungarian cooperation in the field of nuclear energy,» the President said.

He also noted that the commissioning of additional capacities will allow to double the production of electricity and meet the demand of the Hungarian economy in the years ahead.

Orban, in turn, said that Budapest will try to meet the deadlines of this project.

Financial cooperation

Orban also asked Putin to expand financial cooperation between the two countries. According to him, Hungary, being the third shareholder of the International investment Bank (IIB), ready to «take the Bank».

«And I ask you, Mr President, to convey to the Bank’s management, that they thought about this decision,» — said the Hungarian politician.

IIB — international intergovernmental organization, established in 1970, is headquartered in Moscow. The authorized capital amounts to 1.3 billion euros, including paid part — 302,6 million euros. Russia’s share in the paid-up capital amounting to 49.6 per cent.

The situation in Syria

In addition to economic issues, the sides discussed the international agenda, in particular Syria.

«Informed Mr Orban on the latest development of the process of the Syrian settlement, in particular, noted the importance of socio-economic reconstruction of Syria,» said Putin during a press conference following Russian-Hungarian talks.

The President also focused on the tragic incident with the crash of the Russian Il-20 and promised to provide additional military security in the region.

Hungary has asked Russia to extend the «Turkish stream»© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in photobacteria aircraft Il-20 of Russian air force in Syria