In the Church of England said about the use of «Summer Institute», organized by the ROC

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Representatives of the Anglican Church, shared his impressions of «Summer Institute» organized by the Russian Orthodox Church and expressed interest in further reciprocal visits.

In Moscow completed its work «Summer Institute» for members of the Anglican Church, organized by the Church postgraduate and doctoral school of the Russian Orthodox Church. The event was attended by the Bishop of Ebbsfleet, John Goodall and chaplain of the Queen’s James Hawks, along with young priests and seminarians of the Church of England.

«What we saw and experienced during our visit to Russia, can be called «pilgrimage». For many students and young priests is not just a chance for the first time to see Russia and get in touch with the Russian Church, it is also natural contact with Christianity in General. Many of them are interested in Patristics, the study of the Church fathers, in understanding what the Liturgy. They are generally interested in where to place the Church in the modern world. And, of course, this is possible thanks to the friendly relationships that will be built here at different levels – intellectual, cultural, social, at the level of prayer,» he said at the «Summer school» James Hawkey.

He promised to tell the Queen about his impressions of visit to Russia. «I suspect that I’d tell her that we visited the monastery of the Holy Martyr Elizabeth Feodorovna, who is a cousin of the Queen, as she was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria. Therefore, we can speak about a very special relationship. Her grandson Prince William visited the mount of olives in Jerusalem, where St. Elizabeth Feodorovna buried. So I think I’ll tell her, your impression,» said Hawkey.

The Bishop of Ebbsfleet, John Guddal spoke about the participation of guests from England in religious processions together with the Orthodox believers: in Diveyevo, Nizhny Novgorod and St. Petersburg. According to him, Anglican priests feel a part of the prayer procession.

«When we visit Russia and the Russian Church and Russian when visited England and the Anglican Church, we would like to feel the taste of our cultures, we don’t just come into contact with any culture, we discover the Church we discover Christ,» the Bishop said.

He looked forward to return visits from the Russian Orthodox Church and that such communication will develop in the next two to three years. Within a few years, he recalled, between the two churches has a working group on strengthening relations. From the Russian Orthodox Church headed by the head of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion. «And by the Church of England that I, as a representative of the Archbishop of Canterbury in the Orthodox world,» said Goodall.

Father James Hawks stressed that the participants of the Summer school are part of the «international dialogue» with the Orthodox Church, and this is evident at the household level.

«I watched as two of our seminarians for a long time communicated with the local seminarians. They even exchanged emails. And I, in turn, speaking with the librarian of the Sretensky monastery, and promised him that we would send him «a Complete history of the Church of England,» published at Oxford. In addition, we were very touched by the memorial complex in honor of father Alexander men,» — said Hawks.

«The basic theological agreement between our churches is money in the Bank for a happy future. That is, they lie and bring dividends,» he added.

Representatives of the Church of England called «a very important step» recognition of theology in Russia in the quality of science and urged «not to stir up conflicts» between scientists and theologians.

«We need to pay attention to what the question is about how we speak about God publicly, because here at the present time there is a crisis. When we talk about God, most people in the modern culture simply do not hear us the way we want. Now you can find quite educated people who suddenly can say, «I don’t believe in an old man who sits in the clouds». But also I don’t believe it,» says Hawkey.

That is why theology, in his opinion, so important to society. Until people learn to «fundamental reality» of which the theologians said, «this is the Christ,» religious leaders simply can not pass modern secular society the knowledge of God, he said.

«Russian experience shows that the possibility of studying theology is a precious gift, and should love, protect, protect. The future of theology in General, associated with the promise of Jesus Christ that he will never leave his people. The gospel says that a theologian is one who prays. It is the discipline of prayer, is a discipline of hope,» said the Anglican priest.