Ishchenko said the illegal ship stations in the Maritime region

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Incomerate in fotobanka Ishchenko during a rally near the building of the regional administration in Vladivostok. September 2018Ishchenko said the illegal ship stations in the Maritime region© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Uncovereth the image Bank

Candidate for Governor of Primorye Andrey Ishchenko believes that some marine sites have been organized unlawfully, the regional electoral Commission did not confirm the figures he gives.

«Officially, to e-mail the Deputy of the legislative Assembly I got data for several marine areas. I think many people in social media saw that… We have this information checked. At several courts, which are actually sold and are under the jurisdiction of another state, and the company they belonged to, in 2017 was eliminated. There for acting Tarasenko voted plus 328 votes,» said Ishchenko at the meeting with supporters. Given them the numbers at the moment, it is impossible to check the open data of the election Commission.

In the regional election Commission RIA Novosti did not confirm applicant data in marine areas. The representative of the Commission Roman hunter noted that marine areas, probably no complaints. «I can’t remember, but the information that is distributed in the Telegram does not correspond to reality. There are number of marine land is another ship,» he said.

Ischenko also said that the cancellation of the results at 13 sites in the Soviet area occurred after supporters of Ishchenko has blocked the territory of the electoral Commission of the Soviet district.

«We did everything we could, and rigged the 13 protocols were not entered into the state automated system «Elections» — said Ishchenko, adding that his staff have identified the participant of fraud, data are transferred in Investigatory Committee.

On the CEC website on Tuesday appeared information about processing 100% of ballots, according to which acting head of the region Andrey Tarasenko received from 49.55% of the vote, and the candidate in governors from the Communist party Andrei Ishchenko — 48,06%. Earlier in the TICK of the Soviet district of Vladivostok announced the cancellation of results of elections for 13 district commissions.

Informed Ishchenko and Tarasenko have accused each other of falsification of the protocols in the second round of elections of the head region. Tarasenko after the publication of the first results of voting avoided his opponent by almost 30%, but after counting 50% of the ballots with a margin of 7% was the leader representing the Communist party Ishchenko. On the morning of Monday after the count 99.03% of the protocols Tarasenko again ahead of his opponent by 0.5% and gained 49,02%.

The electoral Commission of the Krai reported that the check of the complaint of supporters representing the Communist party Ishchenko. In the regional OP noted that observers of irregularities in the counting protocols are not recorded. The head of the CEC of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova said that the Central election Commission until Wednesday takes the time out to study all cases on the situation in the elections in Primorye, and promised to carefully study all the facts from both candidates. Pamfilova stressed that the CEC has no doubt that the elections of the head region in Primorye took place, is another question — whether recognized by their results on individual plots or as a whole.Ishchenko said the illegal ship stations in the Maritime region© Infografika of heads of regions of Russia