Kozak told about the benefits of the tax maneuver for independent gas stations

© RIA Novosti / Michael Mordasova in fotosensibilizatora station. Archival photoKozak told about the benefits of the tax maneuver for independent gas stations© RIA Novosti / Michael Mordasova the image Bank

Independent gas stations during completion of the tax maneuver in the oil industry will be supported by lower wholesale prices, told reporters Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak.

«They (independent operators of retail networks — ed.) will receive a lower wholesale price. We are talking about the support due to the opt, as refineries are required to adhere to these indicative prices. Otherwise, the excess refinery wholesale prices by more than 10% giving a negative excise duty is terminated», — said Kozak.

In Russia on 1 January 2019 start end oil tax maneuver, in which gradually, by 2024, will be reset to zero export duty with a simultaneous increase in the tax on mineral extraction (met). As a result, Russian oil refineries would buy the oil, in fact, at world prices.

To support the refinery and prevent the growth of domestic prices for petroleum products or the appearance of scarcity there are two mechanisms: reverse excise duty on oil supplied for processing, and the complementary damping excise, taking into account the profitability of export of oil products.

So, if you exceed the wholesale price of gasoline the target level of 56 thousand rubles per ton for gasoline and 50 thousand rubles for diesel the difference between «netback», that is foreign price converted into rubles, and this target price will be offset by refinery from the budget.