Poll: 77% of voters in Vladimir region expect to come to the polls

© RIA Novosti / Roman Vladimirovitch vote at your polling place in uniform day of voting. Archival photoPoll: 77% of voters in Vladimir region expect to come to the polls© RIA Novosti / Roman Vladimirov

According to the survey, which was conducted by the Fund for the development of social marketing «Income» in the Vladimir region a week before the second round of elections of Governor, 77% of respondents declare their willingness to participate in the vote. In a telephone survey, which took place on 15-16 September 2018, participated in 1000 people, according to a statement on the portal «Income».

The study showed that the acting Governor Svetlana Orlova still holds an advantage of 41%, with 37% for its main competitor Vladimir Sipyagin. If you look at the preferences of those who definitely intend to come to the polls, the rating Orlova is already 43%, with 38% of Sipyagin.

Residents believe that Svetlana Orlova, despite some administrative errors, determined woman, able to learn lessons and draw conclusions that it would be better to cooperate with Moscow and to defend the interests of region at Federal level», ‒ stated in the message.

The majority of voters (22%) are undecided in their preferences, and they are likely to affect the outcome of the vote.

With more than half (53%) of respondents believe that Svetlana Orlova will retain his post on the results of voting in the second round.