Saudi Arabia allowed the pilgrims to visit not only Mecca and Medina

© AP Photo / Mosa’ab ElshamyПаломники in the valley of Mina near Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Archival photoSaudi Arabia allowed the pilgrims to visit not only Mecca and Medina© AP Photo / Mosa’ab Elshamy

Saudi Arabia for the first time has allowed Muslim pilgrims performing the lesser Hajj, you will die in the Kingdom, to visit other cities besides Mecca and Medina, said the representative of the Ministry of Hajj Abdel Aziz Watan the Saudi newspaper «al-Youm».

«This year, the program return from Umrah provides a considerable change when coming from abroad, the pilgrims will be able within 30 days to visit any city, a tourist place in the Kingdom on a visa issued for a small pilgrimage, but 15 days they have to stay in Mecca,» said Vasan.

According to him, last week in the Kingdom arrived more than thousands of pilgrims from around the world for a small pilgrimage, but only for four days were issued 25 thousand visas for those who want to get to die in Saudi Arabia.

Last year in the small rituals of Hajj in the Kingdom was attended by 7 million people. Umrah is a small pilgrimage to Holy Muslim sites in Saudi Arabia, but not in a month, intended for Hajj, and at any other time of the year.