Scientists have discovered a new type of personality

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Researchers from northwestern University (Illinois, USA) presented a new concept of classifying people by personality types, according to the portal Medical Xpress.

In modern psychology there are five dimensions of personality — extroversion, the ability to compromise, conscientiousness, emotional instability and openness to knowledge and new experience. Of these traits formed three types of personality — people who are very self-controlled, people are not able to control myself, and people with steady mentality. The analysis of big data helped the researchers to expand these categories.

Artificial intelligence researched data of questionnaires and questionnaires of more than half a million people around the world, information was collected for tens of years. Initially, the computer has identified 16 categories of personality, however, scientists have refined parameters and the number of types was reduced to four «typical», «vicious» man, «egocentric» and «role model».

«Typical» person characterizes the openness and high degree of extroversion, but low openness to new experiences. According to the researchers, women in this category more than men.

«Vicious» people emotionally stable, closed and converted to itself, which, however, does not prevent him to find common ground with other people.

«Role models» have a stable psyche, open and even dependent on new knowledge and experience and also very accommodating. The researchers note that these characteristics are more common among women.

«Egocentric» is characterized by high extraversion, however, in three other indicators — consciousness, the ability to deal with people, compromise, open-mindedness — the result is below average.

In the course of life people change personality types. So, self-centered man is most in his youth — it is usually the adolescent male. With age increases the likelihood of becoming a «role model».