SK posted a video of the explosion of a homemade bomb, made by extremists from Chelyabinsk

© Photo : Investigative Committee of the Russian federalassembly the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. Archive photo<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2018/09/3a13778acb5b43eaaceebbab24aac7c9.jpg" alt="SK posted a video of the explosion of a homemade bomb, made by extremists from Chelyabinsk” />© Photo : Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation

. Investigators have published a test video of an improvised explosive device made accused in the creation of extremist cells Misanthropic division (banned in Russia) residents of Chelyabinsk.

According to the investigation, from 2015 to 2017, the defendants created a cell of the extremist organization Misanthropic division (banned by the decision of Krasnoyarsk regional court from July 17, 2015 on the territory of the Russian Federation). They made the symbols of extremist organizations and funded extremist activities. The gang members put the swastikas on monuments dedicated to the victory in world war II, she would post photos about it on the Internet. The defendants also manufactured an explosive device and posted online video of the explosion.

In addition, in August 2016 near one of the garden associations of the Soviet district of the regional center, two of the accused from feelings of enmity towards a social group with a knife slashed the man without a certain residence. From the inflicted wounds he died.

The report said that the investigation against the four accused have been completed. The Chelyabinsk regional court started consideration of the criminal case against them.

SK posted a video of the explosion of a homemade bomb, made by extremists from Chelyabinsk

According to the posted RF IC operational video on YouTube, in an abandoned building, two men in the corner set the explosive device, then move away to a safe distance. After a few seconds there was an explosion, then the video show the «ingredients» of an improvised explosive device. Next, there is a picture of four men-accused, whose faces are covered by masks.

According to the investigation posted on the Internet video of the explosion will be proof in the criminal case in court.

The investigation clarified that, depending on the degree of participation of men accused of «organizing and participating in the activities of extremist organizations», «financing of extremist activities», «preparation for the illegal manufacture and illicit production of explosives and explosive devices», «vandalism, desecration of other structures in other public places, committed by a group of persons, as well as on motives of ideological, racial, national or religious hatred), «murder committed in an organised group, on motives of ideological, racial hatred or enmity, and of hatred or enmity concerning any social group».