Study: majority of Russians get news from the Internet

© RIA Novosti / Ruslan Krivobokova at the computer. Archival photoStudy: majority of Russians get news from the Internet© RIA Novosti / Ruslan Krivobok

The main source of news for Russians are news, analysis, and official sites on the Internet, according to a study international consulting company Deloitte’s «media consumption in Russia – 2018», which is available to RIA Novosti.

In this way news know 79% of respondents. In second place for citizens of most ages remains the television (67%). Thus increasing of age there is a trend of the growing importance of television: from 41% for the age group 16-24 years, up to 75-76% for the respondents older than 45 years.

Also with increasing age among the respondents growing popularity of news, analysis and official sites (from 70% to 89%) and decreases the importance of social networks and blogs (from 57% to 17%). The third place among sources of information took social networks and blogs (30%).

«News, analysis and official websites are the leading source of media information on the level of trust in Russia (42% — an edition). Most of all trust in them has grown over the years among the residents of cities and residents of the Volga Federal district (10 PP). On the contrary, the credibility of television for the year declined slightly among residents of cities and residents of the far Eastern Federal district (5 and 12 p. p.),» according to Deloitte.

The only age group for which the level of trust in television remains higher than the official sites on the Internet, are respondents older than 65 years (47% vs. 42%). A few above average to trust television, the respondents with secondary education (higher than respondents with higher education by 10 percentage points) and unemployed people (higher than working respondents 13 percentage points). In large cities the credibility of news sites on the Internet is higher than in medium and small (5-8 PP). The highest level of trust in social networks demonstrate that young people aged 16 to 24 years, and trust them every fifth Respondent in this group (19%).

The study was conducted in June 2018, the sample represents the population of Russia by sex, age and type of settlement, 8 Federal districts, 46 entities of the country, more than 250 settlements.