The court has left under arrest of Tretyakov accused of NPO Lavochkin

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Mamontovaya in photoanodic Igor Tretyakov during a hearing about fraud in NPO Lavochkin in Babushkinsky court of Moscow. Archival photoThe court has left under arrest of Tretyakov accused of NPO Lavochkin© RIA Novosti / Sergey Mamontovaya the image Bank

Babushkinsky court of Moscow has left under arrest of the lawyer Igor Tretyakov accused of fraud in NPO Lavochkin, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

«The petition of the investigator to satisfy: to extend the measure of restraint in form of detention», — announced the decision of the judge. The arrest of the court established until 19 October.

In the petition, the investigator expressed concern that if a milder measure of restraint to the accused can disappear or put pressure upon witnesses. The defense sought to be confined to house arrest. Pleaded the lawyer admits, pointing out that his panel had done all the work contemplated in the contract. According to him, the only one of the lawsuits where the Roscosmos demanded from NPO Lavochkin 235 million rubles, the court, through his lawyers, has collected only $ 21 million. And such proceedings were more than 20.

The investigator at the meeting indicated that the contract NGOs with lawyers has not been submitted for approval of economic security, the cost of legal services is not justified. The lawyer of the enterprise, according to the investigator, stated that he was preparing the documents and appeared in court, and the lawyer of Board «Tretyakov and partners» just repeating his arguments.

As reminded the lawyer Stanislav Shostak, now Arbitration court of the Moscow region is considering the annulment of transactions between bar and NPO Lavochkin. «But he has no opportunity to defend himself either personally or through representative, the investigator does not allow its representatives to come to him in jail, so he could write out a power of attorney,» the lawyer explained.

He asked to change the measure of restraint to house arrest or a personal guarantee to Tretyakov was able to defend himself against accusations. «According to the law on public procurement, the contract with the lawyer, you can protect without tenders, the amount of the fee is irrelevant,» he explained. He provided documents confirming that the lawyers of the bar were present in court filed documents and other applications. According to him, the investigation carried out searches in the College, but did not remove the working papers prepared for litigation.

«The success fee is not a violation of the law. The lawyer has the right to make a contract percentage of winning the case,» said Shostak. He intends to appeal the decision to the appellate court, and to appeal to the Presidium of the Moscow city court and the European court of human rights.