The head of the Italian foreign Ministry has cancelled the upcoming visit to Austria

CC BY 2.0 / Christine Webster / WienВена. Archival photoThe head of the Italian foreign Ministry has cancelled the upcoming visit to AustriaCC BY 2.0 / Christine Webster / Wien

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Italy, Enzo Moavero-Milanesi has cancelled the upcoming visit to Vienna due to the plans of the Austrian government to issue passports to inhabitants of the Italian Autonomous region of Trentino — Alto Adige / südtirol (South Tyrol), according to the Italian Ministry.

The reason for a diplomatic solution, which the Minister said Monday the Italian Ambassador in Vienna, were «repeating claims around the development of the bill», according to which the Austrian government will be able to grant their citizenship to Italian citizens residing in the Autonomous region in the North of the country and speaking in German and Ladin languages.

«This initiative undermines the climate of transparency and mutual trust, which is a prerequisite for successful meetings of this kind», — stated in the message.

The Italian side is particularly upset that Austria is developing similar plans in «the eve of the centenary of the completion of the First world war, which was marred by the blood of so many Italians and Austrians». The current plans of the Austrian government, said the foreign Minister, «risk to gain the anachronistic nature of revanchism».

Before the First world war, South Tyrol belonged to Austria-Hungary. Upon its completion, the region in which the vast majority of the inhabitants spoke German, went to Italy. The speech of the radicals against italianization region continued until the late 80-ies.