Archaeologists said that they found the probable location of the ship captain cook

© 2018 AFP / William West the Monument to captain James cook in Sydney’s Hyde Park. Archival photoArchaeologists said that they found the probable location of the ship captain cook© 2018 AFP / William West Subscribe to the daily newsletter of the RIA Science

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A group of marine archaeologists Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project (RIMAP) has announced the likely discovery of the wreckage of the ship «endeavour», the ship of the first British discoverer captain James cook, reported on the organization’s website.

According to them, the exact location of the ship can be in city Newport of the state Rhode island on the East coast of the United States.

«RIMAP is working with the Australian national Maritime Museum, identified the likely location of Newport Harbor, which could be «endeavour», the statement reads.

According to them, they spent on the study of the coast about 25 years, however, to precisely define, whether there is there the famous ship, the group still needs to do the painstaking work.

Details and 3D images of the alleged location of the ship, the archaeologists intend to present at a press conference on Friday. The organization noted that 2018 marks the 250 years from the start date of the expedition cook, when the British discoverer, left England and went to the shores of New Zealand and Australia.

Media noted that if the discovery is confirmed, several countries can claim the right to own a vehicle because it is historically linked with Britain and Australia, and the wreckage located off the coast of the United States.