«At the finish». The fate of Poroshenko know Athos monks

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Constantinople after Kiev backed by Washington, announced that «independence of the Church» in Ukraine. And the warnings of the Russian Orthodox Church on the global split of the coming true: the actions of Patriarch Bartholomew denounced even the representative of the main ally of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of the Greek Orthodox Church. And now all are waiting for the reaction of the Athonite monks, very authoritative in the Orthodox world. RIA Novosti is trying to figure out on whose side they stand.

The collapse of dreams

A crowd of thousands in Central Kiev chanting «Glory to Ukraine!». Under these cries the President and the Patriarch shaking hands. Both achieved the desired: one made a «historic dream of the Ukrainian people» and the other finally brought together all the Orthodox world. On the occasion of such a Grand event released a commemorative medal with the image of Poroshenko and Bartholomew, like the one that was in 2008. Then the third President of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko, Constantinople is not allowed to create a «Church square». Things are different now.

That is the dream scenario as in Kiev, and Istanbul Fanar, the residence of Patriarch Bartholomew. In the last two weeks both parties have ceased to be ashamed of their desires.

«We are together, especially in the last three years, have passed this way (granting autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church. — Approx. ed.) and in this way it is now, I can say that in the homestretch,» said Poroshenko at the meeting with the Exarch Bartholomew.

Messengers of Constantinople arrived in Ukraine on September 14. Three days later, met with the President and voiced their goal.

«We arrived with the emergency mission to present Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, <…> in order to continue the work already solved the question of what the beginning of the process of granting autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church started. <…> We came here not in order to divide the Ukrainian Orthodoxy, but rather to do more steps in order to bring all desired unity to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church,» said Archbishop Pamphylian Daniel, one of the exarchs.

The fact that the UOC, being fully administratively and financially Autonomous, nominally a member of the Russian Orthodox Church. Therefore, the actions of Constantinople, speaking a secular language, constitute an unlawful intrusion on the canonical territory of the ROC. In Moscow perfectly understand what actually arrived representatives of Bartholomew.

«Usually in such cases, sent only one Exarch. Our brothers in Ukraine, immediately raised the question: why two of the Exarch, for what? The fact that two bishops can ordain a third Bishop,» — explains the head of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion.

The revolt of the monks

Bartholomew’s flirtation with the dissenters has led to an unexpected result. The Church of Greece, a close ally of Constantinople, the Patriarch called on as much to repent for what triggers the split.

«The dissenters, as we know, are not the Church, and fellowship with them is forbidden divine and Holy canons, Apostolic and Ecumenical councils. What then is the perseverance of the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in recognition of dissenters Autocephalous Church? In order to produce schisms and divisions in the one, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Christ? <…> Everyone knows the saying of St. John Chrysostom that «the sin of schism is not washed away even with the blood of martyrs!» — with such terrible words to Bartholomew asked the Metropolitan Kiparsky and Anticiparse Seraphim.

Apparently, Patriarch Bartholomew will have to hear a lot more criticism. «I think the position of the inside Bartholomew of Constantinople will especially weaken the Athonite monks a lot more than an individual metropolitans. The position of the Moscow Patriarchate in the Orthodox world, the monks of mount Athos, on the contrary, will increase», — says head of the Center for the study of problems of religion and society Institute of Europe RAS, religion Roman Lunkin.

For the Athonite monks, as for many Orthodox Christians, Patriarch Bartholomew «represents modernism in the Orthodox world» that is not acceptable to them. But for believers the Holy mount Athos — one of the main symbols of Orthodox spirituality.

Formally, the Holy mountain is subordinate to the Constantinople, but its population is not the first to openly criticize Bartholomew for the violation of the purity of the faith. And their attitude to the Ukrainian issue is well known.

«We are on Holy mount Athos really grieve because of the Ukrainian division, which makes Filaret. <…> If the person is outside the Church, no matter how hard, Holiness, he can not reach. Those who went into schism need to understand that we are out of the fold of the Church,» said the Abbot of the Vatopedi monastery Archimandrite Ephraim (Kuts).

It is likely that monks from Athos anticanonically condemn the actions of Patriarch Bartholomew in the Ukraine. «The entire Orthodox world are waiting for this, it is now being discussed», — says the analyst Arkady Maler.

«Athos has always been famous for integrity in the matter of the observance of the canons,» — said the expert.

And Constantinople is putting pressure on the monasteries which are located in its territory. The analyst did not rule out that some representatives of Athonite monasticism between the struggle for purity of faith and friendship with the Patriarch will choose the latter.

«We have to realize that Athos is 20 independent monasteries, and each one represents a separate world. If you follow the logic of the history of mount Athos, it is likely that they will cease communication with Constantinople,» says Mahler.

As an example, he cited the brethren of the monastery of Esphigmenou, which half a century ago rebelled against the Ecumenical Patriarch due to the fact that he met with the Pope. Now the monastery has no canonical communion with our neighbors on the Holy mountain and not commemorates the Ecumenical Patriarch.

In case of Declaration of war to Constantinople, the monasteries of mount Athos can go either under the jurisdiction of a single local Orthodox Church, or to run differently. «There is also a Serbian monastery, Bulgarian and even Russian» — reminiscent of Mahler.

First, are you ready to become a new congregation of «independence of the Church,» the laity? As you know, in 1990, the Russian Orthodox Church granted the Ukrainian Church full autonomy. However, Filaret, then still the head of the Church in Ukraine, decided to go further and demanded that Moscow’s autocephaly. Neither the clergy nor the congregation is mostly divided his claims. «At first denounced Filaret autocephalists, but in the end joined them. People didn’t like it,» — says the press-Secretary of the UOC-MP Vasily Anisimov.

Ukrainian clergy believe that believers will not leave his Church now. For example, the Grand procession of the UOC on July 27 was about a quarter of a million people. In the dissenters March the following day was attended by 60-65 thousand Ukrainians.

«At the finish». The fate of Poroshenko know Athos monks© Sputnik / Miroslav to Waterpalace in the Bank»Ukraine still has an independent Church.» What else was invented in Cavitory point: what to do with the «Patriarch» Filaret, does not hide his ambitions? Which month he talks about the virtual «Autocephalous Church» as if it is her head.

«We expect that all the hierarchs of the Moscow Patriarchate and the UAOC will remain in their seats and with their parishioners. If a Bishop came with a half of the diocese, will lead a half will go with three hundred parishes — will they lead,» said Filaret in an interview to «RBC-Ukraine». And assured that he will not concede the presidency of the new structure to anyone else.

It seems Fanar so far with the Ukrainian adventure, the road back is not visible. Now Ukraine is waiting for the reaction not only of mount Athos and the Greeks, but of all the local churches.

«I believe that the local Church needs to condemn the actions of Patriarch Bartholomew. Because soon it will all relate to: in any Church there are dissenters, and if Ukraine everything goes smoothly, it will begin to accept them into its bosom,» — says the priest of the Ukrainian Rostyslav Yarema.

Representatives of the Orthodox clergy, together with the experts believe: «a little blood» to the participants of the process of the granting of autocephaly in any case, do not shake.

© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Castinplace in photomontage parishioners of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate in Kiev. 18 may 2017«At the finish». The fate of Poroshenko know Athos monks© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Castinplace in photomontage parishioners of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate in Kiev. 18 may 2017