Became aware of the condition of victims in road accident with bus near Voronezh

© RIA Novosti / MOE Rosieresite in photobanks on the highway M-4 don in the Voronezh regionBecame aware of the condition of victims in road accident with bus near Voronezh© RIA Novosti / MOE Rosieresite the image Bank

Nine injured in collision of two buses in Voronezh region are in hospitals, the condition of five of them is serious, said Wednesday RIA Novosti the representative of the emergency services in the region.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, the six victims were taken to hospital «electronics», four of them are in serious condition. «In BSMP №1 — three victims, from them two — in traumatology (including the driver), one woman in intensive care,» he added.

Only «Electronics» was delivered nine victims, three of them doctors was released to outpatient treatment. In BSMP №1 brought four people, one woman and then also sent to be treated on an outpatient basis.

Two buses collided on a 525-kilometer highway «don» near the turn to Novaya Usman ‘ on the evening of September 18. According to the police, one of the buses stood on the sidelines, the second drove it.

In the accident killed five people, another 20 were injured. The investigative Committee began checking on the fact of rendering services not meeting safety requirements. The Prosecutor’s office checks the observance of law in the organization of passenger transport.


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