In the village of kendelen in the CBD riots

© Press service of the interior Ministry of Kabardino-Aparati in fotoracconti law enforcement bodies in Kabardino-Balkaria. Archive photoIn the village of kendelen in the CBD riots© the Press service of the interior Ministry of Kabardino-Bairati the image Bank

Investigative bodies Kabardino-Balkaria nuzzled preliminary examination on the fact of unrest in the village of kendelen in the Elbrus district of the Republic, reports SUCK in the region.

«Eighteenth of September, 2018 participants equestrian March in honor of the 310th anniversary of the battle of cengelkoy was stopped on the way to the village of kendelen. To the place of events in order to prevent the collision of the party arrived employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs on KBR and the Federal service of national guard troops of the Russian Federation», — stated in the message.

As noted in the Department, unidentified persons, refusing to fulfill legal demands of the law enforcement officers used physical violence against representatives of the authorities and tried to provoke a clash of parties, «including posting on social networks of false information about what is happening, but also calling for the incitement of hatred and enmity on grounds of nationality».

«In the near future instigators will be solved a question on excitation of criminal case», — stressed the investigation.