Killed in Syria Konstantin Nazarov dreamed about planes since childhood

© Photo : news Agency «Weapons of Russia»the Plane IL-20. Archive photoKilled in Syria Konstantin Nazarov dreamed about planes since childhood© Photo : news Agency «Weapons of Russia»

Military pilot Konstantin Nazarov, who died September 17 in Syria, at school dreamed of the sky and the aircraft, reported RIA Novosti Director of the school №2 of the city of Novonikolaevsk, Volgograd region Olga Goremykina.

According to Goremykin, Konstantin Nazarov grew up in Novonikolaevsk, in 2002 he graduated from the school of good and excellent grades, and then entered flight school. He recently moved to the Naro-fomisk, served in the Cuban. Nazarov was a frequent visitor at her school, talked with pupils about their profession.

«It is evident that loved his work. Always said with enthusiasm, talked about the aircraft, how it flies. He dreamed of becoming a pilot still in school, played sports, a lot of attention paid to items needed for admission – physics, math… All teachers are depressed due to the fact that our student had to leave so early,» said Goremykina.

According to the Director, Nazarov lived opposite the school, here he studied his sister.According to the defense Ministry under the guise of a Russian plane that Israeli airmen had set him up under the blow of air defense of Syria, the Il-20 was hit by a missile complex s-200. Killed 15 Russian military.

The defense Ministry said that Israeli jets deliberately created a dangerous situation in the region of Latakia, the controls of the aircraft could not see the Il-20, as it came in to land. While Israel did not warn the commanders of the Russian troops in Syria on the planned operations in the area of Latakia, the Ministry noted. The war Department considered provocative Israeli actions as hostile and reserved the right to adequate response.

© Vitaly Advicefree Il-20 in SyriaKilled in Syria Konstantin Nazarov dreamed about planes since childhood© Vitaly Advicefree Il-20 in Syria