Priest: Patriarch Bartholomew himself can become a schismatic

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The recent actions of Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, connected with the preparation of the «Ukrainian autocephaly», in an interview with RIA Novosti commented on the acting rector of the Church of the Holy Trinity on Alexis, Archpriest Rostislav Yarema, author of scientific works about separatist movements in Ukrainian Orthodoxy. Interviewed By Sergey Stefanov.

— There are no certain canons, and had never been — who can give autocephaly. However, it’s clear that the autocephaly can give to the mother Church. From history we know that the Patriarchate of Constantinople has always tried to take on these functions. And now leaves those attempts — trying to become the second Pope.

However, if now Ukraine are all «safely» take place, then Patriarch Bartholomew will have to intervene in any Autocephalous Church to recognize any of the dissenters, to take them to its bosom, and thus will be destroyed the institution of the local Orthodox Churches. Any Primate will understand that if his Church will be some dissenters, their to themselves, may take Patriarch Bartholomew, and will continue as the Ukraine.

— When the all-Russian local Council, we had elected his Holiness Patriarch Tikhon and there were dissenters-the Renovationists, the Patriarch of Constantinople recognized them, and Patriarch Tikhon was advised to retire. That he is his Holiness Patriarch Tikhon said that he has no right to interfere in the Affairs of another Church, because it violates all the canons of the Church. So this has been in history.

If Patriarch Bartholomew recognizes the schismatics, not they will become the canonical Church, and he automatically he will become a schismatic.

— If all the same will be carried out so-called unification Church Cathedral in Ukraine, what it is possible to predict the reaction of the faithful and clergy of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church?

— I do not exclude that will unite the so-called «Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate» and the part of the bishops of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. They will create a so-called «Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church», but it is not the Church, and the synagogue.

In my opinion, they will elect a candidate who will fully obey the Patriarch Bartholomew. Elected, most likely, two appointed by the Exarch, and maybe it will be the Pamphylian Archbishop Daniel from USA, who comes from a Greco-Catholics. This person will be comfortable Patriarch Bartholomew and America.

«Constantinople» Greek with one goal – to take Ukraine under his «omophorion», then to obtain material goods from Ukraine. Therefore, the problem of Constantinople is, in my opinion, is simple: to put the candidacy on the Primate, and then to extort money from the so-called «Church.»

The same bishops who will leave our Church by «Church» will soon realize that they simply deceived the Greeks, and most likely will start the next split.

The actions of Patriarch Bartholomew, I think, a very negative impact on the entire world Orthodoxy. He wanted to become the second Pope. Sadly, he said many times, gave interviews, were assured, promised that he would not intervene in the situation in Ukraine and will never recognize dissenters. And now we see that he broke his promises.

— Is it possible that the Patriarchate of Constantinople is a lot of pressure from overseas, from different political centers — and more and for these reasons such actions are taken?

— If we see that Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko meets with US Ambassador to Kiev, and they decide that it is necessary to create an Autocephalous Church, it is clear that in Istanbul, Patriarch Bartholomew is the corresponding pressure from the American side.

— Still, is it possible to predict how the family of local Orthodox Churches can respond to these actions of Patriarch Bartholomew, who is on whose side may be?

— I believe that all primates of the local Churches must condemn the actions of Patriarch Bartholomew. Because otherwise it will affect everyone, since nearly every Autocephalous Church has the dissenters. Thus, in every Local Church will begin the same disorganization, in Ukraine. Therefore, all the primates of the local Churches must understand that if they’re silent, then very soon they themselves expect the same sad fate.