Rescuers extinguished a massive Prairie fire in the Orenburg region

© Photo : courtesy of the Ministry of emergency Assistrance fire protection of EMERCOM of Russia, archive photoRescuers extinguished a massive Prairie fire in the Orenburg region© photo : courtesy of the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia

Rescuers have eliminated wildfires in the Orenburg region, which for several days threatened to spread to the villages, reported in a press-service of management of emergencies in the region.

On Monday morning ignited the dry grass and forest plantation near Orenburg and Mednogorsk. During the day the fire came to three villages — Risaeva, Idelbaevo and Sarbaeva with a population of about 400 people. A serious threat to residents was created in the village of Saraevo, the fire spread to a residential building and adjoining buildings. According to specified data, the fire damaged 14 buildings.

The evacuation was conducted in the villages of Sarbaeva and Risaeva. To extinguish a large fire worked more than 300 rescuers have been involved helicopter Mi-8 and Il-76 aircraft, as well as the fire train. At the emergency site worked more than a hundred rescue workers from neighboring regions and Kazakhstan and two helicopters.

Tuesday morning the fire was contained, rescue shed areas where there was a smoldering grass.

«On Wednesday at 08.30 (6.30 GMT) the complete elimination of fire. Currently visual on all areas of the open fire and smoldering exist, conducted ground and aerial reconnaissance. The results of the investigation a decision will be made on the withdrawal of group», — stated in the message of the regional Ministry of emergency situations.

In a press-service of the Governor of the region reported that the fire destroyed four houses in the village of Saraevo, but people were not injured.

«In the village of Saraevo fire, spreading to thickets of dry grass in the backyard, destroyed four unoccupied household, unoccupied from 10 to 15 years. Also burned down the garage of a resident of the village, adjacent to one of the uninhabited farmsteads, hay, stockpiled on the edge of the village,» — said the press service of the head region.

«Suppression was one of the most ambitious operations forces of the Ministry of emergency situations and employees of the regional Department fire safety and civil protection with the participation of the military transport aviation. Now any threat to the villagers, Risaeva, Idelbaevo and Sarbaeva no», — quotes the press service of the regional Governor Yury Berg.

According to weather forecasters, on the territory of the Orenburg region on Wednesday came cyclone rainfall, temperature from +28 down to +12.